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Porcelain Crowns

The purpose of porcelain crowns in dentistry

At Piney Orchard Dental of Odenton, Maryland, Dr. Trevor Greene and his team are dedicated to providing therapeutic services for patients who need them. A standard restoration used in dentistry is the dental crown, which is a porcelain restoration made to cover the exposed area of the natural tooth to change the appearance or improve the function of a damaged tooth. If you are interested in learning about the purpose of dental crowns, continue reading on!

What are dental crowns?

Dr. Trevor Greene describes the dental crown as a porcelain cap, or β€œhat” for a single tooth Some patients may have existing PFM or “porcelain fused to metal” crowns, but at Piney Orchard Dental we exclusively place all-tooth-colored porcelain crowns.  

Why might I need a dental crown?

A dental crown might be needed

  • if a patient has a large cavity that is not treatable with other methods.
  • if a patient has a fracture in their tooth.
  • if a patient has extensive decay.
  • to improve the appearance of a tooth.
  • to support a dental bridge.
  • to protect a weak tooth from breaking.
  • after a root canal procedure.
  • to cover a dental implant.

What can I expect from my upcoming dental crown appointment?

The first appointment for a dental crown will usually involve a consultation with Dr. Greene to discuss the best treatment option. If it is decided that a restorative dental crown is the most appropriate option, the tooth will be prepared for the crown. This involves removing any old fillings, decay, and cracks,  shaping the tooth, and making an 3-D scan of the tooth. We have eliminated the need of gross impression materials with our high-tech Trios 3-D scanner.  The 3-D scan will be sent to a local FDA approved dental lab, where the all-white crown will be fabricated using Cad-Cam technology.

The dental crown will be fitted and cemented into place at the second appointment. Dr. Greene will make sure that the fit and bite are correct. Once the dental crown is in place, it will look and feel just like your natural tooth!

How do I learn more about porcelain caps for teeth?

If you need a ceramic tooth cap and live in Odenton, MD, call Piney Orchard Dental today at (443) 406-6884. The office is located at 8743 Piney Orchard Parkway, Suite #111, and accepts new patients and families.

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